ESE 2018 - Basics of Energy and Environment

ESE 2018 - Basics of Energy and Environment

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The laws of nature are absolute, and if not given due respect while framing policies, programmes, and during execution of projects, can pose a serious threat to the very existence of human life. Man in his evolution
stumbled upon various sources of energy. Starting from wood, coal, gasoline, nuclear energy to renewable energy, every paradigm shift in energy brought about new challenges in limiting the damage caused to the

This book Basics of Energy and Environment builds upon your understanding about the complexities in addressing environmental issues, bit by bit, through detailed diagrams, natural cycles, analysis, linkages
and statistics. Starting with the basic definitions of the fundamental units of environment, the book builds upon the complex web of ecosystem and ecology. Further, it goes on to map the ecological depletion,
change in climate, and its impact on the various environmental processes.

No individual, country, or society howsoever powerful can survive the challenge of climate change on its own. This wisdom, arrived through various international conventions and treaties, has been beautifully constructed
in a time line while decoding and analysing every single move, which built upon our collective consciousness to this day.

The book organically builds upon the thought process, where you learn the complex interchanges of energy and environment in an effortless manner. Thus, you will be able to derive upon correct answers whatever
be the spin given to the questions by UPSC. Energy and environment is a hot topic, and this book ensures that you do not miss out on any question in Engineering Services Exam (ESE).

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